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Originally Posted by Mdubb23 View Post
T E N N I S M E N A C E .com

Sorry to advertise against TW, but you guys do not sell this grip, and I see it only fair to give others an opportunity to purchase it.
This place must have stock-piled the sorbothane grips when it was discontinued. They are now charging an arm and a leg for it.

I have actually tried to make my own sorbothane grip. I purchased the thinnest sheet of sorbothane and wrapped it around the handle.

The first time I tried, I stretched out the sorbothane as I usually do with my overgrips. Unfortunately, cracks started developing on the sorbothane within the next few minutes. Soon the whole grip tore up quite badly.

On the next attempt, I applied the Sorbothane without any stretching. Two problems: the thinnest sheet of sorbothane was still too thick. And it added a significant amount of weight to the frame.

But here's something I did that worked quite well for me: I went down a size on my grip and then added two overgrips on top of the factory-original grip. This way, the grip stays relatively the same size, and the two tightly-wrapped overgrips do a marvelous job of dampening the shock and vibration.
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