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Originally Posted by kOaMaster View Post
hard to say. because federer mainly got his points from 6 events. the four grand slams, madrid an cincinnati.
to hold the n1-spot he would have to replace the ~4500 points until after the french open.
(he won ~5'400 in this years period until the french open)

I don't think we can settle it before the french open is over. also hard to say who the toughest n2 is. nadal? (the most points to defend) djokovic? (was pretty good last year but screwed up the GS, can he do better?

murray...nah, don't think so. del potro too early.
Federer needs to hold on till Wimbledon. I think therefore his biggest threat is probably Djokovic, because he got most of his points AFTER Wimbledon. Also maybe Del Potro, but I see Djokovic getting more points at TMC.

Either way, Federer has not much to defend other than the Australian Open until Madrid. That should be doable. He usually does well in Slams, so If he doesn't lose his ranking here at the Masters Cup, I don't see him losing it before Madrid. Could anyone tell me at how many weeks that would put him?
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