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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
i still dont get it. to say sampras is more GOAT then fed is akin to saying michael jordan is a better baseball player than jackie robinson or babe ruth.

plain and simple, by the facts, the facts i repeat, fed has accomplished more on the tennis court then sampras has, in LESS amount of time. in every aspect. the only thing i may give sampras is he had better serves, but that doesnt matter really. who cares if i could serve 200mph. if i couldnt win my matches, it amounts to little. (ie. roddick/karlovic).
here you go folks. this truly shows Zapvors complete ignorance on tennis. You should stick to your MAC thread.
"I may come across as a Pete-hater, but I'm not. I have utmost respect for his abilities" Fed_Rulz 2011
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