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Originally Posted by AAAA View Post
So which almighty challenger to Graf had a winning h2h, was physically at least an equal if not more so? Martina Navratilova doesn't count because she was past her best during Graf's golden years.
Martina was a late bloomer who won 16 of her 18 slams past her 25th birthday. The idea she was mysteriously way past her prime in the late 80s in her early 30s is laughable, and a concept invented by Navratilova fanatics since Graf had the power and athletic ability to kick her off her throne, something as great as Evert did she didnt once Martina reached her long delayed prime. Especialy as Graf herself was not an early bloomer to the extent of Seles or Hingis, yet still was beating Navratilova at age 16 and taking over as #1 ranked at barely 18.

Graf has a winning or tied head to head with all of Navratilova, Evert, Seles, Sanchez Vicario, Davenport, Serena, Venus, Capriati, Hingis, Sabatini, Novotna, Pierce, or anyone else of semi note. The only ones she is tied with are Navratilova and Serena, and she was just as far past her prime when she played Serena as Serena was, and played more matches outside her prime vs Navratilova than vice versa (nearly all of Martina's wins were before Graf's prime in fact). There is no player who owns Graf like Nadal and Murray do Federer, and like Djokovic is starting to almost.
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