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You are comparing apple to orange. Not only Graf, but Court, Martina, or Chris had all the ridiculous tennis records that where no single legendary players from ATP ever came close. On average, it's easier to win in the WTA and setting records. Life in the WTA is easier b/c in men's tennis it's more physically demanding, playing 5 setters instead of 3. Their limitation is due to more stressful, more wear and tear.

Chris Evert made 33 GS final. How many male player ever came that close? Even a longevity player like Connors, or very fit Lendl, Federer numbers look silly.
Not only that but Chris Evert reached 34 straight slam semifinals spread out over a 12 year span as she skipped some for WTT tennis commitments in the 70s. Not to take anything away from Evert, one of the greatest women players of all time alongside Graf, Navratilova, and maybe Court, but what kind of a talentless field were most of these women to allow someone to reach the semis of every slam she played for 12 years. Just embarassing.

Womens tennis is always the same. Between 1-3 great players, between 2-3 players ranging from pretty good to very good (depending on the time) behind them, and everyone else completely hopeless or completely out of their primes.

Graf never had any real theats other than Navratilova early on, Seles in the middle, and Sanchez at the end of her reign. Navratilova never had any threats other than Evert, Hana, and Graf towards the end. Evert had no real challengers during his dominance other than Goolagong and an old King. Court hardly broke a sweat vs anyone other than King, Bueno, and to some degree Ann Jones. It is the same for everyone.
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