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You just bringing up names to make Pete look good. Fact is...he never faced a single player you listed above in 2000, and facing no top 10 players. 1999 he faces Andre, who didn't show up by serving 44% 1st serve.

And besides, there's nothing you can say Roger wouldn't of take down any of those players, or they would beat today's players. All we have known facts are their records and titles.
Would you even try to argue todays grass court field is even adequate, never mind strong. Before Wimbledon each year who do you list as the contenders, or the guys you think have a good shot even make the semis. It is hard to even pick 4 guys to make the semis each year as there arent even 4 viable people to do that amongst todays grass court field. Basically in 2004 and 2005 you said Federer, Roddick, and Hewitt are really good on grass, god knows who else would do well though. Since 2006 you say Federer, Nadal, and maybe Roddick are who you think will do well at Wimbledon, again who can even think of others. Murray wasnt even on the radar on grass until this year, Djokovic isnt thought of as a top grass courter, Nalbandian and Safin never were (their making a final and semi of Wimbledon somehow is comical and a reflection how anyone can do well on grass today as there are hardly any top grass courters existing).
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