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You said quote

'......Graf by far had tougher competition'

so now you're changing your point and talking about achievement levels instead.

Originally Posted by grafselesfan View Post
That is not a contradiction. Djokovic and Murray are no different than say Sabatini and Novotna achievements wise. The only difference is Graf completely dominated them the way a true GOAT should 1 or 2 slam calibre opponents, while Federer struggles massively with them. Sabatini and Novotna, 1 or 2 slam calibre type players, were scared to even walk on court with the great Graf most times. If anything Federer is scared of playing Murray and Djokovic, 1 or 2 slam calibre type players, and breathes a sigh of relief when they are away from him in the draw or eliminated.
See the bit I bolded. If Graf dominated more than Federer then Graf's opponents were less competitive against her.

You make a point, without thinking it through for accuracy, get called on it then back track and say something else.

Fed 2010: Federer aged 28 16 Slams(inc. career slam) vs Sampras aged 28 14 Slams(no FO)
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