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Originally Posted by AAAA View Post
You said quote

'......Graf by far had tougher competition'

so now you're changing your point and talking about achievement levels instead.

See the bit I bolded. If Graf dominated more than Federer then Graf's opponents were less competitive against her.

You make a point, without thinking it through for accuracy, get called on it then back track and say something else.

So Federer's competition was better since he allowed 1 or 2 slam champion calibre players like Djokovic and Murray to beat him more often, while Graf refused to allowed such counterparts on the female side like Sabatini or Novotna to do so? Federer's competition is better since he allowed Nadal to dominate him on clay, always give him such a tough time even on his beloved grass, and to own him head to head, while Graf never allowed Seles to do these things even during Monica's dominance of the game? What kind of nonsense logic is that.

That is why Graf is greater than Federer. She holds an iron clad fist over her rivals and challengers alike. Federer does not have the same mental strength and confidence level of Graf to do so over his.

You earlier asked for me to name someone with a winning H2H over Graf and equal or superior physical abilities. That player doesnt exist since Graf is too great and simply never allowed it to happen. Federer was unable to do that.
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