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Originally Posted by CyBorg View Post
See above.

I believe that Vilas had, by default, better green clay results than Borg in 1977 due to Borg's absence in the summer when most of the har-tru events were played.

However Borg clearly had better red clay results, meaning that there is evidence that he was better on red clay than Vilas.

Overall, Borg was far superior than Vilas due to his excellence on grass and carpet. Surfaces that Vilas avoided - when he didn't, he performed far worse on them than Borg.

Lets stay on point... the title of the thread is "Clay Court Goat", not red clay not green clay not Wimbledon results. Just simply who is the Clay Court Goat...

I believe Vilas in 77' is only second to Nadal in 06'?

I also don't think you can base head-to-head meetings over results over a field. If that is the case... then Panatta is a much better player than Borg... I believe he has a 2-0 record over Borg at the French Open.

All threads here are to solicit opinions... you have provided yours... Mustard his... and I mine. At the end of the day I doubt any of us are going to change our decisions so why don't we just move on.
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