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^ Cool. I'll just say this one last time, I'm probably being confusing, but what I mean is that Sampras' first serve and second serve were very similar from what I could tell. Often indistinguishable. You see video clips of Sampras' serve in isolation, out of context, and it's hard to tell if what you saw was a first or second serve. I think I read since he figured he could get his first serve in 75% of the time, he would often just hit a first serve for a second serve thinking the odds were in his favor. Some guys, like Stich, Kraijeck, Noah, almost everybody else, you can really tell they're hitting different serves. The motion and toss were subtly different, etc. Sampras, it seemed like he was hitting the same type of serve every time, the same toss, just hitting different spots. It's just the way it looked.

And I'm saying Edberg seemed the same way to me, but I could be completely wrong. I believe the other posters, so I was obviously wrong about Edberg's serve not having super action. Just looks like he basically hit the same serve with the same toss all the time, not truly missing it up between kicker, flat, and slice. Although he could hit the spots you would normally use a slice serve for. I never saw him hit a flat serve. That's all I'm saying.

Yeah, Arthurs had a nasty serve. Even on TV, you could tell it was a monster.
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