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I think Detacipher is on to sometihing when he mentions Berger used to "let the racquet dangle loosely behind him as he waited for the rest of this toss/swing". Being loose is a problem most of us have a problem with. This Berger type set up is a good to get a feel for how loose the arm needs to be in order for the racquet head to be whipped into the ball. Chela used this type of motion at one time also.

If you set up with a loose arm in the Berger type serve and relax the arm and turn the shoulders to the ball, most of us would be more likely to achieve the proper pro style racquet drop.
You're absolutely correct. It's part of the reason, that even with a swing that STARTED almost in the backscratch position, Berger could hit a pretty big first serve. All I was pointing out, is that a guys like Rios, Roddick, Rafter and others didn't let their racquet dangle down behind them as Berger did, they still have their racquet "UP" or even "down" (as in, they haven't even gotten to the racquet up position yet) his "waiting" point was basically much further along in the swing than their ready position. He brought it up, then let it go down towards the backscratch, and that's where he waited! So it made it pretty ugly. BUT, compared to many amateurs who never achieve this position anywhere in this swing, it's actually really desireable. Vic Braden showed me he sometimes does a drill where he has you drop the racquet behind your back, let it rest loosely back there, and then whip open your shoulders and let the racquet fly out from behind. This can also help you learn the feeling.

There is nothing wrong with a Berger type motion, if you do everything right. It can be very effective and sound! It just looks ugly, and, I think for most people, it would "feel" uncomfortable, as their isn't much rhythm and deep down, you'd feel self-conscious.

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