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Article about Tiger Woods that could apply to Agassi:
So — Tiger Woods is human after all. That is the world’s reaction after the affair of Tiger, Tiger, burning bright, into the hydrants of the night.

A strange mixture of glee and disappointment hangs around every report as the ultimate squeaky-clean, role-model robot slips up and reveals his humanity.

How could it be, that this glorious being should have some kind of kerfuffle with his equally perfect wife, and then drive his equally perfect car into a hydrant and a tree?

Me, I was never in doubt. I knew he was a human being. I could tell that he wasn’t from another planet. I knew he didn’t possess super-powers. He just has huge talent; and with it, a huge talent for using that talent.

But for a dozen years Woods has presented himself to the world, and been represented by just about everyone he has come into contact with, as someone from another order of being. He and those around him have conspired to hide his humanity.

Why should anyone do such a thing? Because there’s money in it, obviously.

There’s more money to be gained from playing the role-model game than there is in being what he is, a majestically talented person who nonetheless has flaws like the rest of us. If you can pretend to be some kind of god, people will buy into it.

There exists this ludicrous notion that all professional athletes must be role models, because children try to become just like them. Rock stars, equally admired by the young, have no such pseudo-responsibilities — because there’s no money in it. It only works for sports stars.

So Woods is a role model. I wonder how much I would like anybody — let alone my children — to take on the real implications of being like Tiger. Hide your real nature, my son. Dissemble. Go for a great big vacant smile. When you speak in public, say much but say nothing. Calculate. Compute. Express no views on religion or politics. Never forget that Republicans also buy sneakers, as Michael Jordan taught us. Remember that platitudes are your friends.
Rest of article at above link.
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