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Originally Posted by Q&M son View Post
Super fast, very funny and hard to play on it
I guess it would get slick after awhile?
I'm surprised that no one has mentioned a canvas court before. With all the talk of Kramer, Gonzalez, etc. These guys played a third of their matches on a canvas court.

And I found this too. Relating to a canvas court.
"The indoor game," says Bill Talbert, Trabert's former Davis Cup captain and personal coach, "requires that a player constantly move in to meet the ball instead of waiting until the ball reaches the player. Tony has had enough experience indoors not to be fooled by the change in bounce or speed. I think he'll do all right." Although Gonzales is considered by most veteran observers capable of sweeping Trabert clean off the courts, Promoter Kramer thinks that isn't likely. "I have a great amount of confidence in Trabert as a competitor," he says. "I think Gonzales has proven himself, and now it's up to Trabert to prove himself. He's working hard at it and I'm sure he will."

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