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Originally Posted by Benhur View Post
I didn't watch the Becker one, but I watched another one in 1982, McEnroe-Wilander, that lasted well over 6 hours - a record.
Yes that was an awesome match. I wasn't sure about Mats when he wasn't on clay at that point but he proved how super he could be on a non clay surface to me in that match.

Another great match was Newcombe and Stan Smith in the 1973 David Cup. At match point with Smith serving, second serve to the ad court, Newcombe moved way over to the alley, basically telling Smith he was going to blast his forehand on Smith's second serve. Smith went for the second serve ace, missed and double faulted and lost the match.

It seemed Newcombe owned Smith in big matches. Of course Newcombe owned a lot of players in big matches. Talk about players with big match presense, Newcombe had it.
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