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I've got 4 of Cedric Pioline's Prince Magnesium 90 racquets. I got them about 6 years ago. I loved that frame so much, and couldn't find any anywhere. I tried Pat Cash first - called the president of Tennis Australia, who called Cash in Tahiti or somewhere, then called me back and told me that Cash had none left, but suggested the Prestige Classic 600. Then I called Pioline's agent, and she asked Pioline, who said that he'd give me 4 for free. I paid the shipping. They were pretty used when I got them - one even had a hairline crack. Had red clay wedged in the grommet strips and everything. I got about a year's use out of them before 'retiring' them for good.

I also have Thomas Blake's 300G (James' brother). He broke it by tapping it lightly on a tree after a doubles loss in a Futures tournament. I think I still have it. Maybe not. I did salvage the grip and grommet strip, though.
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