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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
This is a great post, I didn't know lots of this!

In the UK at least, he is considered boring because firstly he won easily a lot, which is ridiculously unfair!

But also considered boring because at Wimbledon he rarely did show any emotion during a match, had little interation with the crowd, and spent most of the time walking back to the baseline, after an ace or a superb volley winner, with his head down and his tongue out. It did get a bit boring to be honest!
That is fair, but you know, how much of that is media fueled perception? How much of that is purely superficial judgment based on appearance?

Other than 1986-1988, was Agassi very emotive on court? In fact, when Agassi was at his best, he was just as "robotic" as Sampras. Marching back and forth, going about his business. He just did it with bright clothes on, and long/no hair...and lots of commercials. Bjorn Borg??? Again, long hair, mono-dimensional style (by his own admission...he WANTED to make every point the same), and NO personality whatsoever...on or off court(amazing how fanboys read so much into Borg). Edberg? He made Sampras look like a fist-pumping machine! Courier was emotive in his first few years on the tour, and got criticized roundly for it ie. redneck american! So he toned it down, and become not much different than a Sampras.

In a way though, this is not just a commentary on tennis or tennis fans. It happens in all avenues of life. Frankly, psychology tells us that looks/attractiveness sell. We inherantly rate those people as more interesting, more charismatic, more everything....based on as little as an anonymous picture!

In any case, he didn't have Mac's tantrums or Connor's theatrics or Hewitt's jerkiness...maybe he didn't whine as much as a Safin or Goran....but really...compared to all the other tennis players, I don't see him suffering. He gave the occasional fist pump or even yell, usually at really key moments.
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