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Originally Posted by RealityPolice View Post
That really isn't my point (although I'd certainly say she has enough "upstairs"). My point is that the standards for what people are calling "fat" are ridiculous. By that standard, most of the Playboy centerfolds of the 70s are fat. Marilyn Monroe would be considered fat today, especially compared to the twiglets being promoted by the fashion industry and Hollywood. And while some of the skinny girls look good that way, it's only a reflection of the times that someone of Wozniacki's build could even be remotely considered overweight.

As for Marta... well, you'd be hard-pressed to find better anywhere on Tour, that's for sure. But I wouldn't be surprised if a few posters here considered her fat, too.

I agree with you on principle. Most people don't truly understand the beauty of a glorious set of curves on a woman. Get a load of Marilyn in "Some Like it Hot" and you'll cream your jeans. Now THAT, my friend, is a woman.

That being said, Marta is as close to perfect as any other woman on the WTA. I could look at pictures of her every day. I can't imagine anyone calling her fat. Not even close.

Severine is awesome as well. Haunting eyes and a very nice body to match. A worthy addition to this thread any time she is posted.
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