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Originally Posted by Datacipher View Post
It's a tribute to the ignorance of many posters, and Pete's championship character that Pete is ever portrayed as not human or boring. First his tennis was sublime...all court power and touch excellence (only surpassed by prime Mac...though not in power obviously). But this is a guy who wept through a huge battle with Courier at a slam, not because he is a spoiled brat who can't control being a sore loser, but because his coach had just been weeping in hospital bed with brain tumours. This is a guy who kept secret his struggle with a disease sapping his stamina, threw up during a dramatic slam win, collapsed in a Davis cup win....fought Yzaga with feet covered in bloody blisters, prompting Vitas Gerulaitis to say it was just an honor to carry his racquets out for him after he was being taken away.....Sampras boring? Sampras inhuman? When he appeared inhuman it was only because his heart was so strong.
excellent post, I shed a tear. Pete had a lot of heart and he showed it.
"I may come across as a Pete-hater, but I'm not. I have utmost respect for his abilities" Fed_Rulz 2011
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