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Originally Posted by Fedace View Post
OK i will tell you something. I bought a Box of Slazenger wimbledon balls cause i think it is the best. but EVERYTIME i bring it for the League play or match play, the Guys don't want to play with it....... I guess they dont' know the reputation of these balls or they think it is ONLY for the Grass courts.....????????
The ball in my poll is not the SLAZENGER Wimbledon UltraVis, but the SLAZENGER Extra Life, which is not the same. The SLAZENGER Wimbledon UltraVis is a lighter and less durable ball, which is perfect for grass, but kind of sucks on red clay and looses its felt too quick on indoor courts (were talking 20-25 minutes hitting with 8 balls and the felt is gone)

So Slazenger introduced the Extra Life, which is a heavier more durable ball with far thicker felt. I like heavy balls on clay and indoor courts, so for me this ball is very good, and I much prefer it over the SLAZENGER Wimbledon UltraVis, because It's heavier and has better durability and feels very solid.

I'm used to hitting with heavy pressureless Tretorn Micro X on tennis wallls and tennis machines, so maybe this is why I like the new Slazenger Extra LIFE.

Also really like the Babolat VS N2, which also is made in a special edition DTB (DEUTCHE TENNIS BUNDES), which is really expensive - €12 for a 4 can !
The Babolat VS is almost as light feeling as the SLAZENGER Wimbledon UltraVis, but has far better durability and the DTB edition feels really soft and still solid - but is very costly.

Trying to decide, which of these I will buy an 18 or 36 can box of.

Maybe I'll buy an 18 can box of one brand of balls, which I prefer for the indoor season and faster indoor courts, and then buy an 18 can box of another brand of balls, which is better suited for the slower higher bouncing outdoor Red Euro Clay courts.

Who knows - It's good fun to test different types of balls once in a while

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