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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
My perception, not taking it far at all....
As a 3.5 (that year, 2 C or 3.5, tourneys, first lost in finals, second won), my regular practice partners included PeaLouie, Marcie, SuzanBrown of Oakland and DanaGilbert of Piedmont. My regular doubles partner was #1 for CCSF, who was a solid B or 4.5 player. Our group included several solid top 10 B players, and one lefty A.
The girls were all acknowledged A or Open Womens. That would be 2 full levels above me.
MarcieLouie had won the CanadianOpen that year, her little sis Pea won it 2 years later. Both were easy 6.5 Women at the time I practiced with them.
So you are claiming that as a good 3.5 player you could compete with these ex tour level women players that hit with you ?
Are your sure they were not playing social tennis with you
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