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Default progressions

Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
Yeah the DCA (or Coach award as it is now) is very different and te structure is so much more confusing now than it has ever been - with different strands you can take after the core Coach modules depending on wether you want to go performance or club routes etc.

The content is now progression based, but the progressions do not map across to what we see the pro's doing. The thing I like about the RPT progressions is that they are mapped off the fundamentals that you see at the top level and that they can be used for all ages. Nothing has to change from when you start teaching them to when they win the French Open! With the new LTA progressions you start with a semi-continental grip for the forehand and an open racquet face - this will need to be changed at a certain point in order to keep progressing. Why teach something now that you need to undo later?

The game situations are now something like "when attacking/when defending/when in transition" something like that - maybe somebody has done the course recently and can confirm?

The PTR have always been progression based - last time I did their progressions they led to a very "old-fashioned" classical stroke. This may have changed now - can you update me on them?
I have posted couple of sentences about progressions.
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