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Hey guys, sorry to bring this thread back up.

I was doing a bit more research and I'm considering transferring to San Francisco State University. Tuition is cheaper, it's closer to home, and from what I've read they have a great reputation in the biology department. Some stats I got off wikipedia:

San Francisco State University ranks 1st nationwide in the number of biological sciences undergrads who go on to earn biology Ph.D.s according to the most recent National Science Foundation report

San Francisco State University is among the top 201 colleges and universities that offer "real world," job-focused services and skill development, according to Great Colleges for the Real World by (Michael P. Viollt, Octameron Associates, 2002)

The university is currently ranked as the 45th best master's-granting university in the Western United States by U.S. News & World Report.

Anyway, that's beside the point. I think I need to rephrase my original question. Does the undergraduate college you go to affect your chances of admission at a graduate school?

If I decide to go to medical school, would UC students have priority over me? Or is the undergrad college irrelevant? It's the entrance exam scores and GPA that med schools will look at?

If the original answers in this thread remain the same then disregard this post...
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