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Originally Posted by julian View Post
Regressions are of different types :

1.minimizing complexity
2.addressing some time related problems
3.addressing some space/distance related problems
4.decomposing footwork from body mechanics

An example: serve can be taught from a serve line instead of a baseline.
So it can be classified as type #3 described above
An abbreviated serve is an example of type #1
A Bailey method is related to type #4
I think you're right in what you say. I use the RPT progressive teaching model from start to finish when working with a beginner or mini-tennis player. Where the progs work really well also is, as you say, regressing a player - for example breaking down the serve. Most club players have a full service action but have certain elements which are missing - pronation, extension etc - regressing the player back to just working on the missing element helps them isolate the correct feeling and then rebuild the full swing.

I do this with my ITF players, we isolate and practice the pronation/extension on the serve every session before putting the full serve together.
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