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Originally Posted by julian View Post
Creating a progression is NOT a simple matter
Think about a group lesson at which we teach forehand.
You have four intermediate students-
two of them have a continental grip,one western and one semi-western.
Assume that you are NOT going to change their grips to HAVE ONE UNIFORM grip for 4 of them.
When teaching group lessons I oftened did not create progression type lesson plans especially considering your example above. However, I would create progression plans from a general sense (i.e. footwork, patterns, ball movement, ball recognition, etc...). If a an issue came up, I would address it in an ad-hoc manner and then continue the general lesson using the students ability to correct himself or coach himself with the proper information. If he still could not get it, I would recommend a private lesson or practice if I sensed it was only repetition that was needed.

Try to write down a detailed progression for them.
You have 20 minutes to work on forehand.
Try to discuss a location of a contact point without confusing one of students.
Well location of contact can be individualize based on grip used and taught in a group lesson when that individual is ready to perform the drill. However, I wouldn't create my lesson plan around that specifically. I would work on contact point indirectly by having them hit to various places on the court.
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