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Group Lesson vs. Private Lessons.

Julian in the situation you describe I would tend to disagree with your conclusion or implication about it not being a group lesson. To me a private lesson revolves around 1 persons needs period. The task, tecnical content, drill, progression, mini progressions, pace of the lesson, practice time, difficulty level, physical threshold levels, tactical application all revolve around one persons needs. To provide a service of the above to a group of 4/5 is simple unrealistic and gives me a headache even to think about. That is not to say that you can't give everyone individual feedback about how they are performing to the group task and make corrective or reinforcing comments.

Bkgrd: This is from the point of view of a non certified teaching pro. I'm just a high school coach. But I have 18 years of ski teaching experience and am fully ceritfied in that industry and had gotten as far as the regional clinician/examiner pool.
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