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Originally Posted by ogruskie View Post
Eh, another one of my college threads. I started my first week at a community college with hopes of getting out in 2 years. The plan is to major in Neurobiology, at either UC Davis or UC Berkeley. I was going through the list of classes that I'll have to take, and Berkeley requires a far greater amount of classes in order to transfer, which will take me at least 3 years to complete.

See, here's the issue. I can go to UC Davis in 2 years (provided I meet the requirements), or I can take an extra year to finish off some other classes and go to UC Berkeley. And this got me thinking, is it really worth waiting another year? What's the advantage of getting into the "better" university (Berk)? Will I get paid simply because I have "UC Berkeley" on my resume for work, or what?

I figure most of you here are either in college or long out of it, and would offer some insight. Thanks in advance.
Yes, it's worth it to go to the best college as soon as possible.

Why? If I had to pick one reason: research opportunities.

UC Berkeley has a great neurobiology department. Go there. What is your reasoning for not? It's a state school - the tuition most be more or less the same.

And yes, you'll make more money with a more prestigious degree. Whether people want to admit it or not.

There's a reason many medical schools make you retake prereq classes at a university if the student transferred from a community college. Good reasons.

I don't understand why you just wouldn't go to UC Berkeley in the first place?


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