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Originally Posted by Eph View Post
Yes, it's worth it to go to the best college as soon as possible.

Why? If I had to pick one reason: research opportunities.

UC Berkeley has a great neurobiology department. Go there. What is your reasoning for not? It's a state school - the tuition most be more or less the same.

And yes, you'll make more money with a more prestigious degree. Whether people want to admit it or not.

There's a reason many medical schools make you retake prereq classes at a university if the student transferred from a community college. Good reasons.

I don't understand why you just wouldn't go to UC Berkeley in the first place?


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I would like to see the study that shows elite school grads make more than the average state school grad. If you're talking the 1% of niche fields/jobs, then okay. If you're talking the 99% that get finance, education, history degrees, I don't buy it. Will it open more doors, yes. Does it guarantee more income, no.
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