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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
I would like to see the study that shows elite school grads make more than the average state school grad. If you're talking the 1% of niche fields/jobs, then okay. If you're talking the 99% that get finance, education, history degrees, I don't buy it. Will it open more doors, yes. Does it guarantee more income, no.
Maybe that's the difference between an Ivy League mindset and the other 99.9%: I was talking about satisfying your intellectual curiosity, not making more money later on. In fact, I don't think I mentioned money once. A lot of other people did though. For me, what's important is learning and participating in groundbreaking research, not what my paycheck says, as long as I can provide for myself.



I take it back, I did mention money. That was more of a side point, to my reasoning for attending a top (in-state) school, though. What's great about UC Berkeley is you pay in-state tuition, and get a top education. Compounding interesting can be wonderful, but also terrible. As for making more money and directly answering your question: well, the networking is there as people have discussed ad nausem. And as I said, g'luck finding a professor at Harvard who went to a sub 30 school in their field.
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