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Originally Posted by Eph View Post
Maybe that's the difference between an Ivy League mindset and the other 99.9%: I was talking about satisfying your intellectual curiosity, not making more money later on. In fact, I don't think I mentioned money once. A lot of other people did though. For me, what's important is learning and participating in groundbreaking research, not what my paycheck says, as long as I can provide for myself.



I take it back, I did mention money. That was more of a side point, to my reasoning for attending a top (in state) school, though.
So you're saying only the "ivy league mindset" is one of intellectual curiosity? You can't do groundbreaking research at Texas, Berk, Davis, UNC, UVA, Michigan St? A lot students have no desire to attend an Ivy, even those with the stats to get in. I was intellectually curious but football was my meal ticket (along with girls, girls, girls/social opps and warm weather ).
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