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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
I would say be careful about California schools right now and I teach at a state school. Due to budget cuts, many students need 5, even 6 years to earn a BS due to lack of classes/profs/etc. My wife's cousin is graduating from San Fran State this month and it took 5 1/2 years due to class availability issues. If Oregon, Oregon St, or other bordering states/unis have similar programs I would give them a look. A co-worker's son recently started at San Diego St but was also accepted at U of Oregon and the annual cost was quite similar, even with out of state tuition.
Same **** happened to me, and it was a ***** to explain to my first employer, because my GPA was pretty good, especially for certain classes, but he had this wondering look on his face. Another kid who got accepted into med school took 5 1/2, and felt whipped. It worries the crap out of you, and starts to burn you out. It has been happening in Florida for a while, and Jeb Bush's solution was to blame it on the students and say they are lazy or something, and decided to cut student aid back. I started college in the last years of the Clinton administration, and when the Bush administration came around, and Jeb was fully in control of Florida, it was ******. I started getting locked out of chem classes because they would have like a 2 to 1 ratio of available seats for lecture to lab, and you couldn't take the lecture without the lab. Ridiculous!
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