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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
The "mirrors" is a description to illustrate the position of the racquet to the student at certain points in the swing - the idea being that the back of the stringbed is a mirror and that at the key progressions the student can "see their reflection in the mirror"
Thanks makes sense, the coach at my club is RPT and he mentioned 'mirrors' to me the other day, as did an assistant coach (who did his RPT in Birmingham somewhere recently, think he is qualified as an assistant coach now)

Wasn't sure what it meant but knew it was about being able to see through the strings on forehands and backhands.

I've been working on my serve after having my first lesson the other day (with RPT coach), wasn't pronating properly and my ball toss was in the wrong place (too far in front, should be more over my head). Should be better in the end but it will take some work.

Will take another lesson for my serve then move on to groundstrokes hopefully, I don't have a limitless budget so I need to use the lessons efficiently.
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