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Originally Posted by Automatix View Post
A few questions...

According to this TGK231.2 would be a stiff Radical MP 16x19 however I found this code to describe a stiffer Radical MP but with a 18x20 stringpattern.

What I've gathered:
TGK231.1 - MG Radical MP 18x20
TGK231.2 - MG Radical MP 18x20 (stiffer ver.)
TGK231.3 - MG Radical MP 16x19
TGK237.1 - MG Prestige Mid
TGK237.2 - MG Prestige Mid 16x19
TGK238.1 - MG Prestige MP
TGK238.2 - MG Prestige Pro
TGK238.3 - Prestige Pro Room (Wawrinka)
PT10 - Prestige Classic 600
PT57A - Pro Tour 630 (RA 53-57)
PT57E - Pro Tour 630 (RA 58-62)
PT161 - Liquidmetal Instinct
PT167A - FXP Radical MP
TGK260.1 - YouTek Radical MP
TGK260.2 - YouTek Radical Pro 16x19TGK262.1 - YouTek Speed Pro
TGK263.1 - YouTek Speed MP 16x19

Any input???

I was not aware of those.

And, it definitely looks like the 231.2 is 16x19, based on item number 300369832502 on the 'Bay.
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