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Default He ain't heavy, he's my schedule

12. Posted By Andy Hewitt:
Q: What is being done to lighten the load on the ATP players? I am very disappointed with some turnout for tournaments this year. There are too many injuries which to me anyway, makes the year end masters the only event that I like because all the top players take part. I hope there is going to be a way to keep the players healthy so all the top players can compete in top tier events.

A: User Andy Hewitt, this postscript to the previous answer should address your concern. While the tennis calendar is far from perfectly arranged and the international aspect and different surfaces make coming up with the ideal playing schedule challenging, players are their own worst enemy when it comes to playing too much. I have to chuckle when a player goes from a long summer in the US to Asia for one week, to a Davis Cup tie on a different surface and then to Europe the following week and then, as a response to losing early or being injured, claims the ATP is forcing him to play too much. The player has only himself to blame if he plays a schedule which, while making his agent happy, makes his coach and doctor cringe.
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