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Originally Posted by leeroy85 View Post
I went to Saddlebrook for weekend package in July approx 5 years ago. I was hoping for a mock pro training session and to hit with people better than myself. Disappointed cause had older teacher who did not play pro tour and people on court was worse than me.
Don't know if Curly or Howard was there 5 years ago but if your ever
grouped with a weaker player or group just ask them and they will bump
you up, that's what they did for me.

I've been to Saddlebrook four times and it was a tough but enjoyable tennis experience. As others have said they don't normally take a lot of breaks and you will be worked as they believe that your fitness is just as important as hitting drills. This year I went for a week and by the 3rd day felt like a needed a break but just got a massage and felt ready for battle the rest of the week.

The resort can get expensive as mentioned with the tipping, valet charge if you rent a car, and the resturants, and resort charge but it was worth it.
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