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Originally Posted by dbusiness View Post
Don't know if Curly or Howard was there 5 years ago but if your ever
grouped with a weaker player or group just ask them and they will bump
you up, that's what they did for me.

I've been to Saddlebrook four times and it was a tough but enjoyable tennis experience. As others have said they don't normally take a lot of breaks and you will be worked as they believe that your fitness is just as important as hitting drills. This year I went for a week and by the 3rd day felt like a needed a break but just got a massage and felt ready for battle the rest of the week.

The resort can get expensive as mentioned with the tipping, valet charge if you rent a car, and the resturants, and resort charge but it was worth it.
Right on the money! Last time I was there was even longer ago than you, about 8 years ago-with Curly and maybe, Howard. Tough but great and massages really helped!
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