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Originally Posted by Elaine S. View Post
How big was the group at Saddlebrook? Trying to decide between Newks & Saddlebrook the week after Thanksgiving(or the following week if flights are exorbitant), and both seem to be a great place to have fun and play tennis.

Also, I'm trying to get my girl-pal to come, but she's still wavering... if I do it alone, which one would be better for a lone woman? I'm not exactly a hermit, but have a little difficulty barging in on couples that seem to be in deep conversation... (no, not looking for any hookups - boyfriend just doesn't play tennis...)
Did you go? I just saw this thread. I went to Saddlebrook with a pal and we were basically on our own so I don't know if it would make sense for you to go there alone. However, does your boyfriend play golf? At least when I was there years ago, on the same grounds there was a well regarded golf school. So, if he plays golf, you could still go there together, participate in your own activities and hang out afterwards. In addition, there is a great spa there.
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