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Originally Posted by Jchurch View Post
I agree that Federer haters bring it up quite a bit but only to make fun of him instead of an explanation for why his 2008 results were subpar(by his standards)
At a certain point - and I'd say, some two friggin' years after it happened is surely close to that point - it gets tiresome and lame. I don't mind my favs being made fun of at all, but one should expect folks to be a little more creative.

Originally Posted by nCode2010 View Post
When Fed *only* makes 2 slam finals in 2010 we can say he's in decline. When he *only* makes 1 slam final in 2011 we can say his career is *over*. When he makes no slam finals, but still continues his semifinal streak to like 30+, we'll say *HE NEEDS TO RETIRE*.
It depends on how you look. If you merely look at his RESULTS, you are spot-on. However, if you have followed him closely during his career, you cannot close your eyes that his game is indeed in decline. He isn't the player he was during his prime (2005 - 2007) anymore, even if his results are still very decent.
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