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Originally Posted by AM95 View Post
I was re-watching the Madrid 2009 win for Federer today and the Wimby final. I was pretty upset with the youtube comments, claiming that Federer beat Nadal in Madrid because Nadal was tired, so i thought i'd share my views and maybe get some opinions from you.

This year, prior to his French Open victory, everyone was talking about how Federer beat a tired, injured Nadal in the final of Madrid, and that this result would not pertain to the outcome of the French. Maybe we all seem to forget that Federer lost to Nadal in 2008 injured/ill as well?

In my mind, the only loss that i count is the AO 2009 loss to Nadal, where Federer played a horrible match. But lets face if, even if Federer won, Nadal was tired.
typical lame ***** excuses for a generation of spoiled brats...

i dont remember or imagine Laver and Rosewall, Borg et. al. coming up with such BS... and they played with wood clubs and canvas plimsoles...
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