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Originally Posted by nickarnold2000 View Post
Has anyone been using Turbo Twist lately?

I am interested in people's thoughts on turbo twist as well, especially how it seems to hold up during extended use.

I hit two hours with it last night with my routine hitting partner. It was outdoors and cold (the temp was in the low 40s). I had three of my racquets (MG Rad) with me for comparision.

I had a full bed of Turbo Twist strung at 58lb mains/56lb crosses (strung 24 hrs before we played). I had a synthetic gut/multi hybrid (Head PPS 17/Head FXP 17) strung at 57lbs that had about 12hrs of use on it. Last I had a kevlar/multi hybrid (Kevlar 17/FXP Power 17) strung at 57lbs that had about 12 hours of use.

Initial thoughts were that I was getting an good bit more spin than I could generate with the kevlar setup I have been using. Good crisp stringbed. Low powered and I could take big cuts. My hitting partner even commented on how the ball was jumping a lot higher than it normally does on my groundstrokes. Control was very good as well. I didn't hit a lot of serves, but when I did my kick serve and slice were also moving a ton. Flat strokes were dropping a little short and lacked some of my normal power.

However, after the first hour, it seemed like the strings settled in and the power really started to pick up. In fact, I started having trouble keeping the ball in the court on big cuts. The spin also seemed to drop off -- but this could have just been from me backing off my swings some due to the power increase. It had substantially more power than the kevlar set up. I would even say it had more power than a fresh set of one of my synthetic gut/multi hybrid setups. Flat serves started to really pop and I had more trouble placing my kick serve.

In other words, after the first hour or so, this string played more like a multi than a poly. I would compare spin, comfort, and power all to a good quality multi. Durability seems fine as I noticed only minimal notching so far. Not a lot of string movement at the two hour mark.

Therefore, maybe this string gives you good durability with the characteristics of a multi. However, I am not sure this is a string for me. Seems to have more power than I like. I prefer a stiffer stringbed as well. I may up the tension some and try again, but unless the playing characteristics change as the strings get some more use on them, I probably won't be switching to this string.

I am wondering if other people have noticed similar things and how the string plays after that 6 to 8 hour mark. Thoughts?
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