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Originally Posted by jackson vile View Post
You're kidding me right? Roger is his former self? The guy was in every single final in 2009 unlike 2008.

How the hell that is a decline I dont' know LOL

Listen Roger was out played at the AO, Roger was again out played at the USO.

Roger a decline, you saw Wim, you can't really believe that. Roddick will never play the well agian in his entire life, and he still could not beat Roger.

The difference has nothing to do with Roger and everything to do with the fact that the top 10 is more competitive than possibly even Pete's golden era.
I think she means "decline" as in not as dominant as he was in 06-07. He is still very strong, but when you lose 10 matches in a 2 year span, anything less is a "decline".
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