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Originally Posted by PED View Post
By my understanding, the TGK code for the YT Pro stock prestige should remain the same (tgk 238.1, 2 and3 for the MP and Pro, 237 for the Mid) but the paint should be different. Murray is still using the PT57 that he was using early last year but now the graphics are for YT Rad Pro instead to reflect the new model; the same is true for Soderling.

For example, the PT57A with an LM paintjob plays the same as the PT57A with an MG paintjob.
Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Youtek Prestige Pro Stock frames (Made in China) are not out yet (officially), but it looks like Haas says the same as the MG -- TGK238.1.

I don't think these codes were applied to the FXP PJs.
Ok... so TGK237/238 is the pro stock Prestige code of whatever the current retail prestige version is, correct?
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