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Originally Posted by Mdubb23 View Post
--TGK219.1,2,3--Pro Stock Extremes
--TGK231.1,2,3--Pro Stock Radicals
--TGK237.1,2,3--Pro Stock Prestige Mids
--TGK238.1,2,3--Pro Stock Prestige MPs
--TGK262.1,2,3--Pro Stock Thin-Beamed Speed Pros
--TGK263.1,2,3--Pro Stock Thicker-Beamed Speed Pros
--PT57A--Pro Tour 630
--PT57E-- ....
--PT10--Prestige Classic 600
What happen to 220 - 230, 232 - 236? TGK = ? German abbreviation? PT=Pro Tour/test?
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