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Originally Posted by martini1 View Post
The kobe's and Hyperdunks are made of different material as well. Sure they are lighter but there is no sign that they also last longer. So at the end they make a lighter shoe with less durable material. I seriously doubt the upper will outlast leather for example.

There are more than just making a shoe as light as possible. For sports there is also support, upper support (maintaining proper shape), durability (not just adding tough material on the sole), and protection (something a thin material may not do as well).

These are the main things for tennis or basketball shoes. A runner's shoe or track shoes are very different of course. 100m sprinter needs to be as light as possible and possibly be changed after only a few miles. I prefer my tennis shoes to be able to hold up for more than a couple of years of playing (once a week).
from personal experience and the experiences of others, the kobes hold up pretty well. And all the other things that you listed above: support, upper support, durability, protection, the Kobe's are second to none all every single one of these elements.
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