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Originally Posted by Lambro
there games represent what is wrong with tennis today

can't volley their way out of a paper bag
100+ inch racquet heads
2 handed backhands

I saw Serena try to volley from about 5 feet inside her baseline (a real volley not her typical swinging groundstroke volley) she sent it long! past the OTHER baseline unbelievable

I have to disagree with you. Serena has decent volleys, but Venus in particular has sound volleys, and terrific technique up there. Plus with her height and wingspan, she's hard to pass. I'd also like to add that Venus and Serena play with racquets that weigh at LEAST 11.5 ounces. I've talked to some stringers at Bausch and Lomb, which Venus played in 2002 and Serena this year in 2004.

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