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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Here's tier-one among the greatest volleyers in the history of the game: McEnroe, Edberg, Laver, Rosewall, Rafter, Gonzales, Newcombe.

Here's tier-two: Borotra, Kramer, Sedgman, Emerson, Roche, Henman, Nastase, Panatta, Becker, Cash.

I'd like to start a tier-three.
Tier-three: Hoad, Ashe, Perry, Sampras, Krajicek, Stich.
Excellent list and with all lists subject to debate. I may actually move Gonzalez down to tier 2 but I can see him also at tier 1. The reason is that people have said that Gonzalez had a catchy type volley and it wasn't as penetrating as for example a Laver or a Rosewall.

Hoad is as usual, hard to rank since I've read that his volley was fantastic but I've also read he could make volley errors often. His forehand crosscourt volley was the reason Gonzalez changed his backhand grip to learn to hit crosscourt for the backhand pass. The volley was hit so hard even someone with the mobility of Gonzalez couldn't touch it.
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