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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
OK, so I'm looking for some of the softest non-natural gut strings. I remember mentions of Maxim Touch and Multifeel. Any other really soft multis out there. I have no concerns about durability anymore, I'll restring after every match if I have to.
I am testing maxim touch and to my surprise its really durable multi (although i am not hitting the whole time with Maxim since I have 5 different strings that I am testing) but some have stated that its not durable but I found it that its not even frying yet. As a comparison Nat Gut eve 15 lasts only up to 8hrs for me and starts frying almost after 3-4 hrs...

Maybe I am babying my arm a bit so maybe that it the factor but I found it really good...not as much spin as say TopSpin Cyberflash but it does ok
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