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Originally Posted by dgoran View Post
Hej where are you from? UvijekArgen means always Argen in my language. You are not by any chance a guy that I met once watching tennis on JustinTV that is half Croatian half argentinian are you?
I am a bit injured as well and I had to take a month off with occasional hitting just to see if I am better just to get disappointed again lol. My level is 4.5 to 5.0 depending on how much time I spend on a court with all the traveling for work that I do. What sucks for me is that I can literary blow off the college guy off the court and than month later loose to a league hacker 6-1 6-1 as my level drops between the travels. Anyhow I am looking to get some consistent high level of rallying to get my level back up again.

I love to practice hit in fact I would be better off only rallying than serving as my shoulder and arm muscles are not fit to play a set but strangely I can rally w/o pain. I have some shoulder issues and some impingements that radiate all the way to my triceps and biceps area.

That's funny. Ever since I had my kid when I have to take even a week off I usually suck the next time out. Last year playing 5 times a week I was playing really well.
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