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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I wish Maxim Touch lasted for me. I rip through it i under 6 hours unfortunately.

I am using Big Hitter for the moment. It is basically Cyberflash but it breaks in slower. The spin is ridiculous though. I won my match last night 6-3, 6-3 (really could have double bageled, but I made too many UE's) a lot of my winners were dropping on the line and my oppponent thought they'd be long.

My serve is coming around let me down at times and I'd DF my way out of some easy games..but I also dropped aces in. I completely changed it to an abbreviated serve because I was not cocking my wrist at the right time and I think that really was the source of my inconsistency. I have to get the toss placement right and slowly get my power back. I have gone from relying on flat serves to slice and topspin ones.

If I can get 2 matches out of it, then that will be fine for now. Just gotta think of the arm and not the wallet. I may try the Jay Berger type serve for awhile to see if that helps my elbow out.
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