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Originally Posted by dgoran View Post
Hej where are you from? UvijekArgen means always Argen in my language. You are not by any chance a guy that I met once watching tennis on JustinTV that is half Croatian half argentinian are you?
I am a bit injured as well and I had to take a month off with occasional hitting just to see if I am better just to get disappointed again lol. My level is 4.5 to 5.0 depending on how much time I spend on a court with all the traveling for work that I do. What sucks for me is that I can literary blow off the college guy off the court and than month later loose to a league hacker 6-1 6-1 as my level drops between the travels. Anyhow I am looking to get some consistent high level of rallying to get my level back up again.

I love to practice hit in fact I would be better off only rallying than serving as my shoulder and arm muscles are not fit to play a set but strangely I can rally w/o pain. I have some shoulder issues and some impingements that radiate all the way to my triceps and biceps area.
Holy shitza hahaha, Yes Goran, thats me, the half and half ...kako si??
I remember you told me you live close of downtown. Definitely we can arrange when you feel better, and if your biceps and triceps hurts avoid serving, that's for sure. I went to hit alone today to see how my elbow feels and its not bad, it bother, but i have to be strong willing hold one more week at least.
And totally understand about beating good players and then with when you played with somebody that its below level you play all backward. I think happens to all of us
Anyhow lets see for this week coming up to hit at least for an hour, and if you bring civapici I tell everybody that you are ex top 100!!

puno pozdrava!
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