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[quote="Bertchel Banks"]
Those of you who were on the old board will remember what I'm talking about. I had basically said that the Wiliams' dominance would not last long. Last year they got injured, which in itself shows that they had to push really hard to try and win. Now both of them out at the French is further proof that their dominance is a thing of the past. I hate to say it again but I told u so
Get a life.

Their strokes suck and they rely on power as a crutch.
Well look who it is, my racist buddy from the Hingis thread. Nice of you to pop in. Very witty comeback btw NOT!!! You are just so I dedicate my signature to you.
"I personally love the concept of beating the %$@! out of something and getting candy in return, it's pure genius!" Foamy (on the subject of Pinatas)
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